lundi 5 octobre 2009


Here is the link to view our film " INKA BÖLA " :)

8 commentaires:

JP a dit…

This is a great blog....good luck with everything!

abhishek singh a dit…

i loved the film , super designs and the way the motion is directed down hill and back tos the top again , loved the kineticness of your film ,
my compliments

Jojo a dit…

A quand des nouveaux posts?

Anonyme a dit…

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Mariusz a dit…

I enjoyed your movie. Been writing about it over here: Inka Bola and fat kids.
Feel free to send us your future projects at any time :)
We like to support good arts!

Cécile Rouquié a dit…

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! Unblogunblogunblog !!!!

Ça claque !

Samuel Silva a dit…

Félicitations pour le filme.
Trés beau!

Rachel A. a dit…

Super ce que tu fais !!! continue comme ca =D