mardi 2 décembre 2014


Penguins of Madagascar is released !

Starting on it three years ago and finally I can show some work !!!  :)
It's the first DreamWorks project I've work on...for almost one year and half and I was really lucky to work with a lot of talented artists ! Quite a journey !

(More to come throughout the next few weeks)
Let's start with a big location ; Antarctica & the early development for the Penguins Village.


5 commentaires:

hadrien a dit…

génial!!!!! =) **!

Anonyme a dit…

These are bad designs.Staging, composition and average color key.Sorry but pretty average stuff.I never sugar coat my opinion.

Katie Jackson a dit…

Amazing shapes and lighting as always, so cool to see some of your new work!

Andrea Pucci a dit…

Great beautiful work. Nice atmoshere and colors!

floony a dit…

Thanks Everybody :)
And my dear Anonyme...Too bad ! I really had a lot of fun doing those bad designs !